I remembered that i had a blog today. Nope, i didn’t have any difficulty remembering the password to my ‘funkie4life’ email address, an email i haven’t opened in years.

I’m grateful WordPress hasn’t shut it down yet. My life has changed & i’m not sure i love it. Having said that, i’m definitely sure i don’t hate it either. I’m in a stage of my life that cannot be described. There’s no words for it. It’s like i have everything but i want more. Sometimes it feels like i have nothing and want nothing.

So when someone asks how i am and i reply; “just there” it’s not just words.

Arsenal will not kill me! I know i am immortal but Arsenal will not kill me o!!! I have grown from that fellow that used to smash his phones and bash the car whenever Arsenal lost to this guy that just doesn’t really watch football anymore. Sometimes, i make attempts to deceive myself by declaring that i am done with the football club but whenever they win my liver and pancreas exchange fist bumps. And when they lose, *sigh* I sha don’t break anything anymore.

December is that month of the year i used to be most reckless. Well, reckless in the sense that i used to PARTY like parties were running out of fashion. Haven’t done that in the last 2 years now. I am always on leave in December but this year i have been forced to work till now because of hard pressing work deadlines & goals i set for next year.

bla bla bala bla bala bla

Invite me to all your parties from tomorrow! That is my final answer.

I have also deliberately left my family out of this post. I will now proceed to post this before i lose the ongoing battle to go back and edit.

Don’t forget to invite me to parties; i just want to dance.