Jennifer was born in 1990. Her parents held a naming ceremony and even danced at her arrival.

If only they knew…


Jennifer was born to the family of Bartimaeus and Theresa Talia of Langtang local government, Plateau state. Bart was a corporal in the military and spent most of his time with prostitutes while her mum was the God fearing local type that survived on subsistence farming.

Jennie, the seventh of eight children was one of a kind. She was born blond.


Jennifer Talia at 4

Yup. Jennifer had full naturally bleached hair. She looked like a Hausa baby Amber Rose. Still, Bart and Theresa loved her with all of their heart(s). Theresa liked to play a lot! Always out there playing in the sand with boys her age and older. By the time she was in primary one, she couldn’t speak a word of English. In short, Jenny was the BOEL. (Baddest Olodo Ever Liveth)

Mathematics = 0.

English = 0.

Social studies = 0.




Food = 100%.

In short, the girl was useless. Keyword = “was”.

Nine years after her birth, she was far from useless. At least, she was useful to a certain Bala Awuren.

By the time she was 10 in primary 2, she already knew what sexual relations entailed. In fact, when she was 6 (in primary 1), she had watched her elder brothers participate in various sexual acts and had seen almost every sex style from the pornographic flicks they frequently watched.


Bala Awuren

So it was no surprise when Bala, the neighborhood tout became her first boyfriend and took her virginity in June, the year of our Lord 2000. Bala was proud and always wanted to show everyone his Jennie Talia. He took her everywhere he went… The beer parlours; the clubs; the drug spots. In fact a couple of times, she had been arrested alongside her boo. Those two were the Tarok* Bonnie and Clyde. She was his ride or die bitch.

Between then and 2006 when she was 16, she had dropped out of primary school at the age of 15 and had become a full time prostitute. I mean, she had blossomed into a full time ashawo*. It wasn’t long before she became very popular in Jos. Her unique blond hair made her easily identifiable and attractive to those who thought she was the nearest they could get to being with a Caucasian woman.

First, it started out as a hobby. Bala had been killed in an okada* accident and she sought succor with his friends. Before long, they passed her round like a half lit blunt.


They passed Jenny Talia around.

She just couldn’t reject sexual offers from unending male solicitors. Every Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego in Langtang had got a taste of Jennifer’s genitals. Her father was poor and didn’t care as long as she brought money home. He saw her as a ‘hustler’ who was very industrious and used what she had to get what she wanted.

Along the line, Jen had started using drugs. Codeine, marijuana, gum, rohyphnol, ketamine. Then she graduated to the more expensive brands: crack cocaine, Indian hemp, opium et al. This lifestyle made her feel invincible. Then, there still was competition. There were hot girls springing up in town and Jennie would have none of that. So she fell back on black magic.


Jennifer’s first attempt to “bring more boys to the yard” – 2009

Jennifer’s mother, ‘Resa Talia repeatedly advised her against this lifestyle and took her case to every prophet north of the Niger, all to no avail. Jennifer was a done deal. Her soul was the devil’s to keep.

By the time she clocked 21, Ratchet Jennie Talia had become a nationwide phenomenon. Business had boomed due to the juju* and she had become a full time pimp. With harems scattered across the country, she had become a cornucopia of ratchetness. Jennie Talia had become so popular that she had become a thing of reference. Her pictures showed up in every soft sell/porn magazine and she had become the poster girl for the Nigerian adult movie industry. Parents/guardians referred to Jen when they wanted to advise their daughters on what not to be.

Yesterday, the 28th of January 2014, Jennifer was in Lagos to oversee the launch of her latest business conquest. It was a new spot in the Oke-Aro area of Agege. She came downstairs from the hotel room she had shared with her client to get a pack of cigarettes from the kiosk across the road.


Jenny’s new spot. Colabo Hotel, Oke-Aro.

It all happened in a flash, a commercial motor cycle operator who had been on top speed sped into the road just as she set foot to cross it. The rider, late to see her, swerved swiftly but lost control of the bike and swept Jennifer 12 feet into the air. She landed 30 feet away head first into the concrete curb. Grey matter, blood and her yellow hair all mixed to form a dull orange colour on the black coal tar.

The great Jenny Talia, like Bala Awuren had died in an okada* accident.

She never got arrested.

She never had an abortion.

She never even had a fucking STD.

“All die na die” I guess…

The bike and rider were later burnt by an irate Oke-Aro crowd and still burn as i speak. You don’t believe me?

Go and check.





Tarok* = Tribe from Northern Langtang, town in Plateau state, central Nigeria

okada* = commercial motorcycle

ashawo* = prostitute


All pictures sourced from Google.