There is nothing like writers block. Writers block is an excuse made up by lazy writers to come up with mediocre material or nothing at all. Therefore i will say this, i have not been extremely busy. I have not had writers block (well because it doesn’t exist). I have been lazy.
So Sushey no busy. All Sushey do is read blog; twit; eat; drink; shit; drive; drink; drink; sleep; drink; drink; pray. What with me being on ‘break’ from work for the past few weeks. You do not know the power of free internet till you’ve lost it.
I have had this idea ‘swooning’ in my head for ages now but i have been too lazy to put anything down.
Shoot Me.
Today’s post is inspired by a mouse, a badger, a crow, a caterpillar and most importantly a toad.
A baron toad named Silas. Baron Silas Greenback.

Baron Silas Greenback

Just in case you are too young to understand what/where i’m going, don’t rush. We’ll get there. Here’s a question for you. Does this look familiar?

He’s the greatest, he’s fantastic!
Wherever there is danger he’ll be there!
He’s the ace, he’s amazing!
He’s the strongest, he’s the quickest, he’s the best!


That eye patch wearing English mouse of a detective who prevented the world from tyranny and takeover multiple times from different dimesions of villains of which amongst them was his greatest adversary…. Baron Greenback. Now Pinky and the Brain, Mojo -Jojo and all those other half witted cartoon villains haven’t tried half as hard to take over this planet as Baron has. Even though he keeps losing to a mouse (I think danger mouse is uber awesome by the way), Greenback is a pretty consistent villain. I got thinking, what if i was Baron Greenback? How exactly would i plot to take over the world? But then i am not Silas.
I am Larry Sushey and i am good people. This afternoon i  can reveal to you that that mischievious toad has already put in place a plan to take over the world by 20xx. The exact year i will not reveal for security reasons. You see the Baron being a pretty old villain, is down with a serious throat cancer. Those who know him know he was never heavy on words but now there’s really very little of his voice-box left.

Sushey Studios were granted an exclusive interview with Baron Greenback from his super secret hideout and HERE is a youtube link to the interview he granted our undercover reporter, @Gabby_Soosh. Sushey can exclusively report to you now the Baron and  his devilish sidekick crow, the devious Stiletto Mafiosa, have been working quietly for decades in their super secret headquarters putting their super duper masterplan to work. There is a device called the super essence extrebolator that has  over the past 20 years, been transfering parts of Silas’s aura and inserting it into various individuals who represent very key spheres of life. I will explain below.

Everyone needs to learn the stuff i teach. 

Sports: Avram Grant, Aisher Usmanov

Avram Grant & Aisher Usmanov

Now has anyone noticed how anything these two guys touched have been destroyed. One of these people , Avram Grant destroyed Chelsea before leading West Ham FC to be relegated to the lower tier of English football last season while the other, the Russian oligarch, Usmanov is still doing a fantastic job at killing Arsenal. Six years and no trophy… These things are spiritual.

World leaders/Politics: Kim Jong Il and Hugo Chavez

Chavez And Jong Il

 These two guys pictured above are the two worst touts in the world. I mean, their level of “toutism” is beyond reasoning. In order to avoid another world war, just leave them alone. They can do whatever they want. I have called my uncle, Obama and his other guys to park well. Silas is still in charge. Kill him and the world is safe but he preferred to kill Osama. It is well…

Entertainment: Karen Igho, Kelly Osborne

Karen Igho and Kelly Osborne

How the hell did you think she won the Big Brother amplified show? Look at her and tell me you understand it. This is the baron’s way of taking over the psyche of the youth world over. I mean this Karen girl has no brains! I don’t care what oga Dele Momodu told you… ALL NA LIE. (Now waiting for Karen’s voltrons) As for Kelly, doesn’ t it beat you how someone that looks so much like Silas became a star? She’s a bit on the backfoot right now because The baron found a replacement for her music wasn’t the ish… Replacement? Yup you got it right, Jay-z. I won’t put up his pic anyway cos well, he’s my guy and this is my blog.

Friends don’t do that to friends.

Religion: *My arms behind my back, whilst whistling away*

I will skip this because it is too controversial. If you want to know more about this, just hit me up on the down low, i do not want to have a controversial blog. This is an educational blog and  I am your teacher.

Now this list is by no means exhaustive and because i am not writing a thesis, i am limiting it to circa a thousand words. There are still very many people who carry the Greenback aura but for want of space, i will not be talking about them here. Hit me on my our personal website at (Shout out to the toolsman) 😀


For those of you that listened to the interview, you of course know now that Greenback had a falling out with Stiletto because Stiletto slept with his sister. The two villains are now back in good terms and are currently on track to take over the world. Pray earthlings. Pray. There’s evil in the air.

N.B In case you didn’t know, Stiletto Mafiosa is Greenback’s trusted sidekick crow. A dumbass by all means but still somewhat reliable.

Now since everyone is giving things out on blogville, so shall I.

The first person to tell me the name of the villain that came to have a cartoon series as a spinoff from Dangermouse will have his/her BIS paid by yours truly. If you don’t have a blackberry, pretend to have one.
Larry Sushey is my name. #Nogimmicks