This was sent in by a very good friend of mine Tare. @Fluis10 on twitter.

It is an ode of some sort to a wonderful friend and a great guy who will be sorely missed by friends and acquaintances alike.

We woke up to very sad news this morning. News of the demise of someone very close to all of us.

Chuka Okeke.

"C for Chuka"


It was 22:30 on Monday 20th June, 2011 when I got the call.

She was wailing, incoherent and inaudible. When I finally made out what she was saying I was sure she was confused, either that or she was joking; the wrong type of joke at the wrong time.

I made two other calls and then I knew it was true. Twenty minutes  later, I was in their house. The house where I had been a million times before. The house where he had lived for as long as I had known him, but surely as the news had come, he was not there.

A house where there had always been joy and laughter was cold; Life had literally been sucked out of it and death had encompassed the place. All you could hear was wailing.

Why will she not wail? She has lost a companion, a friend…a BROTHER!

As a man, you have to be strong at times like these, especially for the women. I saw my friend in an obviously dazed state. He probably got the news long before others, but it had obviously not hit him yet. Less than 24 hours before we had been talking; plans were being made to travel, to show support to our friend and his family at a joyous occasion. A wedding and now that trip will be pushed forward for all the wrong reasons.

My friend was receiving calls and seemed to be okay which seemed to torment others. Then he made a particular call and I saw him breakdown.  I saw the grief within him come out. To us he may have been a friend, but to him, he was a brother. They had grown up together and this was not how the story was to end.

Where was the celebration? Each, the  others best man at their respective weddings.

Where were the children and grand-children? A dream they had repeatedly shared with each other.

Why should he not grieve?

He had lost a companion, a friend…BROTHER! In short in his case, he had just lost an entire FUTURE!!!

In our human understanding we don’t know why. We fear to question GOD or to ask HIM why, but in our minds we think it.

We feel it could not possibly have been his time, not this one, not this guy.

So reliable, so humble and so down-to-earth. If you met him and didn’t like him, there was obviously something wrong with you.

From the house to the clubs, to the parks, to the gardens, the restaurants to the bukkas, Chicken republic or the corner shops in Gwarinpa, back to the house; he was real.

He was funny, loyal and honest.

Why will we not miss him? We have lost a good companion, a true friend and a loyal COMRADE!

Even in our grief, in our loss, we should remember his family.

Not us who may have surrounded him day-to-day especially during his time in Abuja or at UniJos. Not those on his BBM or the people following him on twitter.

I mean his immediate family.

The Okekes who brought him into this world. Who nurtured him and moulded him into the man that we all love so much. The ones who supported his dreams and aspirations with words and finances, the people he spent his last days with. We shall be grateful to GOD that he was able to spend those last days with them at such a wonderful occasion (His sister’s traditional marriage ceremony).

We seek GOD’s consolation upon their hearts and soul.

For they shall, grieve, they shall wail and they shall miss and why should they not?

They have lost a BROTHER, a SON and a bright FUTURE.

They deserve your prayers. Please say a silent prayer for them.

My friend Chuka Okeke is gone.

Gone to the flames of a burning vehicle. He was loved by many and will be missed by us all. I know he would want us to be happy, but there is no happiness in this. He has departed from us at a time we all feel is not the right time, but GOD alone knows the right time.

C for Chuka…Rest in Peace. “T for Tare” is definitely going to miss you…


Side Note: Chuka did not die alone in this accident. He went along with his younger sister Uchenna, and three other occupants including the driver. Bright stars dimmed too early.

I remember when i first met him about seven years ago, I was encouraging him to help finish a bottle of Guiness because i was in a hurry and we wanted to go some place together. He politely declined. We went on to become good friends from then on. A very likeable character with such a bright future. This one didn’t deserve to die.

They say the good die young so they can get to Heaven early…

Rest in Peace friend.